Corporate Governance 

CJ ICM Logistics leadership team believes that solid corporate governance sustains exceptional performance over time. Subsequently, CJ ICM Logistics has implemented a number of policies and procedures that apply to all employees.

As an organization with subsidiaries in both developed and developing economies, CJ ICM Logistics embraces a best practice and early adopter principle, often complying before a published law takes effect.

CJ ICM Logistics policies and procedures consist of:

  •       Code of Conduct Policy and Procedures;
  •       Anti-Corruption/Bribery Policy;
  •       Anti-Trust Policy;
  •       Conflict of Interest Policy;
  •       Expense Policy;
  •       Equal Opportunity Policy;
  •       Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy;
  •       Whistleblower policy;
  •       Continued education and Training policy; and
  •       Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

To request a copy of CJ ICM Logistics policies and procedures or for any other queries related to CJ ICM Logistics corporate governance framework, please contact a member of our legal department on legal@cj-icm.com or +971 4 805 5000.  

Trade Compliance
CJ ICM Logistics business principle is to comply with all relevant laws, rules and regulations and trade regulations imposed by United Nations, European Union, United States, United Arab Emirates (and other GCC states) and other regulatory bodies.

Supplier Code of Conduct

CJ ICM Logistics expects all of its suppliers to adhere to the same ethical and legal standards that make it one of the world’s leading logistics supplier, responsible for providing services to some of the world’s largest and complex projects.

For this purpose, CJ ICM Logistics has developed the following Supplier Code of Conduct, that all suppliers are expected to strictly adhere to:

Download CJ ICM Logistics Supplier Code of Conduct

Partner and Third Party Due Diligence Questionnaire
If you have been referred to this page by one of our employees for the purposes of completing a partner due diligence questionnaire then please click on the link below:

Download CJ ICM Logistics Partner and Third Party Due Diligence Questionaire

Terms and Conditions for services

Our terms and conditions for services can be found by clicking on the link below:

Download CJ ICM Logistics Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found by clicking on the link below:

Download Privacy Policy